Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Introduction to Molto Bene

Welcome, and thanks for taking a look at us! This is the very first post on our very first blog! I have never made a blog before so i hope this goes well. We are Molto Bene Cosplay. We make cosplays from all genres, Anime, Scifi, video games, and comic books.

Here are some links to our main sites. ie: and, Both personal member links and group sites.

Group DeviantArt page: MoltoBeneCosplay

NaughtsApproach DeviantArt: NaughtsApproach
NaughtsApproach NaughtsApproach

SuspiciousGoodness DeviantArt: suspiciousgoodness
CreativeGenius CreativeGenius

TrinityRenee DeviantArt: trinityrenee

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