Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trinity Blood! Pretty much our first cosplays ever!

These Trinity Blood cosplays (NaughtsApproach as Isaak, SuspiciousGoodness as Dietrich, and SuspiciousGoodness's now Husband as Cain) were pretty much our first serious cosplays. We pretty much knew nothing going into these costumes, but learned alt coming out! If only we knew then what we know now about armor, wigs, and makeup, i think our trio would have been freakin' epic! Might have to revamp these costumes and wear them again soon.

(and damn me for not wearing my tie correctly! that's all i am going to see now lol! and now that i am pointing it out...it is all your are going to see too!)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Selling cosplays and cosplay pieces

So...it is highly possible that i will be loosing my job that i have worked hard at for 5 years because they won't work with my school schedule...really freakin' awesome...so i am trying to make some extra cash any way i can....

SO! I am currently selling some full cosplays and cosplay pieces!. If anyone is interested in buying anything from me, it would help me out a ton!

here is the link to my ebay store account :)
naughtsapproach ebay store

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

X men

NaughtsApproach as Phoenix and SuspiciousGoodness and Mystique
 All these photos are from Anime Expo while we wandered around the con. The costumes went over really, considering we were at an anime con not a comic con :) More comic books characters are to come in our costuming future i think!

Cyclops: Jeeeeeeeaaaaaaannn nooooooooooo!

we got tired of standing. four days of nothing but walking for hours and hours on end in nothing but high heals kills.

Assassins Creed

LaVolpe This picture is inspired by a drawing by an artist on DeviantArt.com called DoubleLeaf

The Modern Assassins

Princess tutu

just NaughtsApproach and Suspiciousgoodness this time NaughtsApproach as kraehe Suspiciousgoodness as princess tutu. We got a lot of crap for these costumes because we are wearing pointe shoes. But i think those shoes really pulled the costumes together as a whole. We would love to remake these and wear them again. I just need to figure out how to perfect the bodice of Kraehe. i think boning and strong fashion tape is in order.

It looks like i'm not wearing a top!!! D: oh no haha

Sailor Moon

Sailor moon is a big part of our cosplay collection. there are just so many cute outfits!
SuspiciousGoodness - Sailor moon any form NaughtsApproach - Mini moon minako and Iron mouse Trinityrenee - Jupiter and helios

Silent Hill

These were freakin' awesome cosplays to wear! i really must bring my nurse back to any convention. NaughtsApproach - Nurse w/ tattoo (lol) TrinityRenee - Nurse SuspiciousGoodness - Pyramid head

Bleach cosplay

Bleach was our first group costumes. They were very fun costumes and went over pretty well at the convention we think. NaughtsApproach - Szayel,  SuspiciousGoodness - Gin

Introduction to Molto Bene

Welcome, and thanks for taking a look at us! This is the very first post on our very first blog! I have never made a blog before so i hope this goes well. We are Molto Bene Cosplay. We make cosplays from all genres, Anime, Scifi, video games, and comic books.

Here are some links to our main sites. ie: Cosplay.com and DeviantArt.com, Both personal member links and group sites.

Group DeviantArt page: MoltoBeneCosplay

NaughtsApproach DeviantArt: NaughtsApproach
NaughtsApproach Cosplay.com: NaughtsApproach

SuspiciousGoodness DeviantArt: suspiciousgoodness
CreativeGenius cosplay.com: CreativeGenius

TrinityRenee DeviantArt: trinityrenee